Here you will find typical MOSELLE recipes available for download

The Moselle cuisine has been characterising the region’s unique epicurean culture for thousands of years.

And no typical Moselle dish would be complete without a premium wine from the local wineries. Culinary delicacies are thus gladly served with the corresponding wines, the combination of which represents the typical character of this region’s cuisine.

While restaurateurs do also offer international specialities, the highlight remains the regional food, with dishes which spark guests’ interest through their names alone, such as “Gräwes”, “Krombereschnittscha” and “Nacktarsch Torte”.

Many recipes also use typical regional products, like the “Weinbergspfirsich” (“vineyard peach”) and the Moselfisch.

So epicures will certainly get their money’s worth in the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald wine and holiday region.

Local restaurateurs and winegrowers offer their guests a wide range of wining and dining events and services, often in the form of hikes. Events such as the “Culinary Spring Weekend” on the Ascension weekend in Kröv, for instance, are extremely popular, and illustrate people’s increasing love for indulgence. Wine street festivals and farm festivals not only provide their guests with the finest wines and schnapps, but also specialty Moselle treats.


Step into a Moselle local’s kitchen!

Typical Moselle recopies are available for download here:

Riesling and cheese soup

Gräwes – the typical vineyard snack

Schales – also known as Debbekooche

Onion tart – the PERFECT accompaniment to a Federweisser

Zwiebel-Wein-Fleisch – a rather unusual dish consisting of onions, wine and meat

"Kröver Nacktarsch" cider tart