The former “Cröver Reich”, the present-day Mittelmosel-Kondelwald wine and holiday region, is shaped by a historic culture. Whether from Roman times, the Middle Ages or more recent history, each era is uniquely reflected here.

Visit the underground cellars, known as the casemates, at the Mont Royal fort ruins perched on the hill of the same name, near Kröv. The ruins date back to the 17th century, and were built to protect French interests on the Rhine. Springiersbach’s Carmelite monastery is another attraction. The monastery was established not far from Bengel in 1102, and is a popular daytrip destination due to its baroque church, its many monuments, and carved choir stalls. The historic mills in Bengel (the oil mill and flour mill, which are open to the public on occasions such as the “Monument open day” in September), the doll and toy museum in Kröv, and the wine museum in Reil are other big hits. But traditional winegrowing also plays a major role in the region’s culture. For example, the romantic Moselle villages with their half-timbered houses (e.g. the three-gabled house in Kröv), monuments and wineries are not only popular daytrip destinations, but also of interest to lovers of culture.

You can find out more about the individual municipalities and their attractions in the relevant sections of this website.

Lovers of classical music will enjoy cultural events with master concerts, piano concerts and student performances in the chapter house of Springiersbach Monastery. Christmas and New Year’s concerts are put on at the Springiersbach Monastery church and the holiday towns in the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald region.


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